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Timeless Message in a Bottle customer comments and stories, our customers say it best with their stories of love and relationships, marriage proposal and more!

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Welcome to Timeless Message in a Bottle, an Elegant Message in a Bottle! Send your heartfelt message in a bottle today! The gift that makes a lasting keepsake.

Valentine's Day Romantic Gifts

 A Timeless Message in a Bottle Voted

 “The Most Romantic Gift on the Web”.

Romantic Love Poems for all Occasions

Send one anywhere in the world with ease… Create your own custom message a great Romantic Gift for Her or Him That will become a Treasured Keepsake!

Romantic Gift When I searched the web looking for a romantic gifts there was nothing original, flowers or odd gifts but when I found Timeless Message I knew it was a unique Romantic Gift, when my wife recieved hers ...she cried and said it was the most romantic thing I had ever done for her.....Thanks

Valeninte's Gifts
When I saw this,
I knew it was the perfect way to propose.
We are now married, and the bottle has its own place
on our mantle and is a beautiful reminder each day
of a precious, tender, once in a life-time moment…the best Valentine's Gift I have ever given...thank you

Valentine’s Day
This was THE most romantic gift… Your Message in a Bottle

My wife said she will never forget this anniversary, it was the best gift she ever received, she was so touched by the verse...she cried and told all her friends at work.

Love Gift
Wow…talk about the ultimate gift of love.
She was speechless…You made me a hero…
You have made it possible to capture love and give it in a way that will melt someone’s heart…Thank you.

Love Poems
I looked all over the web for the right love poem to send… you have an excellent selection … and such exquisite bottles…

Send a Note of love
Have you ever tried to say,
“I love you” in a different and special way?
Nothing compares to this…nothing…this is hot.

Romantic Gift
I don’t believe one could find a more romantic and elegant gift… I will be back again and again.

Forgive Me Gift
Sending a Timeless Message was the best decision I ever made…she forgave me and we are back together. I owe you guys!

Military Service Men & Women
This gift was a real hit with the troops… you guys are now the buzz here in Iraq…it is so hard to communicate the right words from so far away and you make it so easy… plus I got free shipping on AAFES, thanks!

Corporate Gifts
Timeless took all of the pressure off…what an unusual experience to have such a major undertaking handled in such a professional way and provide a gift that our clients were so impressed with…we will be sending another one to each of our top sales winners of our Fall Caribbean cruise


Order a Timeless Message in a Bottle couldn't be easier - choose your bottle, choose your message, and proceed to check-out

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Key To My Heart

Most Romantic Gift

The Key To My Heart!

Most Popular Bottle!


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Your Custom Message

or Choose A Professionally

Written Message.

...on Parchment Style Paper

Choose from over 40 bottles

Option to upgrade to a unique

Wooden Birch Crate to Cradle Your Beautiful Bottle


We believe we have captured the charm and spirit of this Old World method by combining
inspirational and romantic messages with our beautiful handcrafted bottles and packaging.
This product can be given for any occasion or no occasion at all.

After choosing your bottle from a selection of shapes, sizes, and colors, you will create your own custom letter or select one of ours. Your letter will be printed on aged parchment-type paper, hand rolled, and securely placed in a bottle. We then place your bottle into a uniquely designed round wooden crate that even further enhances your gift. Whether you have a greeting, or invitation you need to send for a special occasion, or just want to say "I love you" -- let the Timeless Message adventure help you to create a lasting impression with a keepsake that will surely last forever. We wish you smooth sailing and hope you find navigating our site enjoyable.

“When Cards and Flowers Are Not Enough…www.timelessmessage.com”


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